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About Fairmont 22

Fairmont 22 is a lifestyle wellness center that promotes beauty through health. 

Weight Loss:

We know the struggle and sacrifice that comes with a weight loss journey, that is why, We combine the best team, compounds, and the highest technology to help you reach your goal and maintain a healthy weight.

Modeling and Toning  

We offer safe, painless but effective alternatives with the highest technology that will help you:

- Lose inches 

- Body toning and contouring

- Cellulite treatment

- Skin tightening and more...


Get liposuction results without surgery or recovery but 

great results!

We believe everybody deserves a healthy body to live a

joyful life, what are you waiting for? 

Be the change!

Love, F22.

be the change

Success Stories

Monica Bernal

Plan: HCG Diet.

Loss: 60 pounds.

"I did the HCG diet for 2 months, I lost 60 pounds, now I am maintaining a healthy weight with yoga and the lipotropic shots,

It took a lot of patience and hard work, but totally worth it. Thank you so much <3"

                                      Monica, Age 32

Rodrigo Galicia

Plan: Lipo Shots & Appetite Suppressant program.

Loss: 74 pounds.

"I changed all my bad habits, I started a healthy meal plan combined with the appetite suppressant and CrossFit.

Now I keep working out and get my Lipo shots every week."


                                      Rodrigo, Age 24

Yolanda Okonji

Plan: Keto lipo shots.

Loss: 15 pounds.

" I'm trying Keto diet combined with the F22 keto shots every week and daily exercise, this is my progress so far."


Yolanda, Age 34

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